The Scandinavian style is very much in vogue in interior design. The Nordic sofa is an alternative for this trendy ambience. Timeless and aesthetic, this furniture is a wonderful addition to the living room and other living areas. It has many advantages. The Scandinavian sofa with its friendly touch promises a lively atmosphere indoors.

Natural and minimalist furniture

The Scandinavian sofa is based on the design codes of the same name and provides a minimalist atmosphere in a single-family home. It adapts to the nature theme as well as to the marine style. Thanks to its small size, this piece of furniture is so popular in small spaces. It is both comfortable and convenient. The Nordic or Scandinavian sofa is equipped with natural wooden legs. It is easily recognizable with its geometrical shapes slightly enhanced. Its curved armrests and curved seat make the furniture much more design. The materials used to make the sofa are reminiscent of its origins. The light-coloured back legs of the furniture are often made of pine, ash or birch. They are sometimes upholstered in fabric. The body of the furniture, in turn, is usually a cool colour (such as anthracite, grey, dark blue, beige or brown). Made to measure, Scandinavian sofas are usually made from a simple material such as velvet. The furniture is supplied with soft, curved upholstery of the same fabric. Some accessories complement the pillows that you can find at DUMAS PARIS for instance, forming the back and seat. The armrests can be upholstered or not. Some vintage-style models have upholstered backrests. Find more models on

Design, original and easy to integrate

The main advantages of a Scandinavian sofa result from its creation with structured, strong and geometrical lines. The roundness of its seat and pillows gives the furniture a comfortable image. This type of furniture was originally fixed. It is now available as an occasional bed in combination with a sleeping and unfolding mechanism. A convertible Scandinavian sofa can accommodate up to three people. The larger models even have a higher capacity. A standard Scandinavian sofa has an average seat depth of 70 to 85 cm, a width of 1.50 m (for two seats) or 2 m (for three seats), a height of 80 cm and a backrest height of 40 to 50 cm. The weight of the furniture varies according to the materials used in its manufacture. It is estimated to weigh between 20 and 40 kg. The Nordic sofa is available in physical shops and online shops. It is made to measure and adapts to the dimensions of the location. The price of the piece of furniture varies mainly according to its size and quality. The budget to be allocated will not be the same for an entry-level model and furniture made by a world-renowned designer. In any case, a price comparison is recommended before any purchase.

Designer furniture for your home

Aesthetically, the Scandinavian style sofa blends in with the rest of the interior design. A sofa is ideal for a two-room flat or a studio. A 3-seater sofa will suit a spacious room and families. If you have a very large living room, opt for a panoramic model. With two corners and three sides, this range can accommodate up to ten people. In terms of personalisation, a light sofa is an undeniable choice to brighten up the living room. Modern and timeless, grey is increasingly popular. Combined with cheerful coloured pillows, the piece of furniture will offer a relief view of the room. Easy care and quality of seating are criteria to consider when choosing a Scandinavian sofa.