The Scandinavian décor remains as an unchanging model with exceptional charm. Inside, the application of soft colours and the use of natural materials show the craze for this pure style. The origin of the Scandinavian style comes from a historical and cultural region in Northern Europe. It was inspired by the "modernism" trend, which reflects the need to create furniture and functional objects. Scandinavian furniture is simple in appearance, but attractive for sure, and is based on two concepts: functionality and use. It can also be said that this kind of design combines beauty and elegance.

Live in comfort with beautiful decoration inspired by nature

Simplicity is the main idea of Scandinavian style. That said, overload is avoided! On the walls, one opts instead for paintings or posters with a discreet touch. White frames are very popular for paintings with animal drawings. On a coffee table, place a cylindrical copper vase to add a little colour to the decor. At night, to add more light, a vintage-style lamp is a real Scandinavian decoration. On the floor, add a wool patterned rug to provide undeniable warmth.

Scandinavian furniture: a totally retro and timeless look

In order to support the warm effect, wooden sofas combined with large natural pillows of for instance, are preferred. The flooring also emphasises the rustic side of the Scandinavian style. For the dining table, opt for furniture with compass feet as part of the ergonomic rule. This ruler is intended to be useful, functional and reliable. Marble is a very convenient ally of wooden furniture. One can choose a greyish marble coffee table with ebony supports for example. There are many examples of Scandinavian design that have survived over time, such as the famous Ant chair. A soliflore with a white rose reminds the delicacy of a Scandinavian design with a note of softness. Fitting out a living room for this style does not require a great deal of planning. In fact, it is a question of finding the furniture (cupboards, sideboards, living room...) iconic of history. Or simply take out the old armchairs of our grandparents to tame themselves in the universe of the Scandinavian model.

Go for soft colours for a cocooning style.

Brightness is a real need to adopt the Scandinavian style. This is why the shaded white is very pronounced and blends in with the decor (walls, furniture, curtains...). This colour naturally invites daylight into a room. To add sparkle, the use of decorative candles can also be a subtle idea. Powdered pink is also a capital complexion for a cocooning style. The combination of this colour with immaculate white creates a cosy atmosphere. To add a chic character, Bordeaux, navy blue and forest green can be used to add a touch of class. It should be noted, however, that the Scandinavian décor avoids flashy colours.