The decoration of the house is not limited to the interior rooms. It is also about the exterior design, specifically the garden. Apart from flowers and plants, furniture is also a decorative accessory that should not be overlooked. But given where they are going to be placed, they must be chosen as intelligently as possible. So how do you arrange the garden with the right furniture?

Choosing the right furniture for the style of the garden

In the past, we used to limit ourselves to just a few plants and vegetable gardens to decorate the garden, but this is no longer the case today. Zen garden, nature, vintage, modern... The styles of the courtyard are as varied as those of the interior. Therefore, you need to know how to choose your furniture according to the decoration you want to adopt. A Zen garden, for example, favours rough, wooden or bamboo furniture. It also favours the use of water fountains and stone statues. As for the vintage style, it advocates the use of old furniture, which will be recycled and reformed afterwards, without losing their original look. Stainless steel furniture is also perfect to bring out a retro style. If you want to opt for a romantic garden, you need colourful furniture with accessories reminiscent of love and happiness. Chairs, for example, should be accompanied by small pillows, like those you can find at for instance, for a more cosy and soft side. A modern exterior is equipped with graphic and futuristic furniture. The furnishings are well thought out, down to the last detail, combining practicality and design. You can, for example, use a built-in lounge for the garden to save more space.

Choosing the furniture, depending on the space

To have a well-designed and well-designed garden, space should not be neglected at all. Lack of space can make your garden too dull or too busy. It is therefore important to know how to balance it. If you have a large courtyard, you can of course choose large pieces of garden furniture such as a rattan, raffia or wicker armchair. You can even add a few other accessories, such as cocktail tables or pool beds (if you have them). However, if your courtyard is not very spacious, it should not be too cluttered. You just need to decorate it with simple furniture that doesn't take up too much space. For example, it's better to opt for a sofa rather than several chairs to save space. You can also choose folding tables that can extend and shrink according to the number of people.

Choosing the furniture, according to its material

Last but not least is the material of the furniture. Being an outdoor area, the garden can face many bad weather conditions such as rain, wind, dust... And some materials cannot always resist these phenomena. In order to avoid wear and tear and non-stop maintenance, it is important to choose the right materials for your furniture. Wood is the most popular material for outdoor use. Solid and robust, it can last for years, despite the existence of many bad weather conditions. However, it can easily wear out in contact with small insects. It can also become mouldy when it is too damp. Anti-mould products must therefore be applied to avoid these situations. If you have the means, you can also choose composite materials, with wood imitation, but which are already treated. You can also opt for steel furniture, but only if you use anti-rust products, as they can easily rust when exposed to moisture or heat. It is also recommended to colour them to give them more style and protection. Finally, plastic is the least durable of all outdoor furniture materials. It can easily break after a major impact. Nevertheless, its quality remains intact despite the existence of climate change.