Scandinavian style symbolises both simplicity and comfort. These characteristics contribute to its contemporary success. To create a Scandinavian decoration, you will need to choose the right colours, but also the right furniture.  And to choose furniture that will best suit this style, you need to take into account a few parameters.

The material

In a Nordic or Scandinavian decor, natural materials such as wood, cotton, linen and wool should be given priority. The latter make it possible to create a warm and friendly interior, despite the cold side usually associated with this decorative style. A Scandinavian piece of furniture follows this approach. For a successful Nordic decor, you obviously don't have to invest in expensive furniture. You can easily find affordable furniture that is very much in keeping with this theme. Some people particularly appreciate a Nordic style with wood in total look for the furniture. The result is successful if you know how to harmonise the colours of the furniture with the other decorative objects, such as curtains, pillows, luxury duvets etc. You can check for more decorating ideas. For a cheap Scandinavian furniture purchase, it is therefore preferable to opt for wooden furniture. This avoids the risk of mistakes in this area. Wood adds a very designer touch to any interior. To accentuate the naturalness of this style, it can be combined with other elements that are also made of natural materials. For example, it is possible to cover the floor with a plant fibre covering.

The colour

In Scandinavian decoration, the colour white is dominant. Therefore, when choosing your Scandinavian furniture, you should mainly choose white. The Scandinavian style should mainly reflect a Nordic atmosphere. Apart from white, other light tones are also permitted, such as grey, beige, etc. This applies to the furniture as well as to the colour of the walls or decorative accessories. However, this should not prevent the integration of more colourful notes. The reason why light colours are preferred in a Nordic decor is to allow you to enjoy a perfect luminosity, giving an impression of space and grandeur in a room. The sobriety of the furniture will further enhance the elegance of a successful interior design. It is also possible to stick to the natural colour of the wood for tables, chairs, sideboards or other items. A contrasting effect can be created by choosing warmer tones for the sofa or armchairs. Red, green, yellow or petrol blue will thus find their place in Scandinavian decoration, provided that the colour combinations are successful.


Notwithstanding the purity of Scandinavian style, convenience should not be overlooked. It is essential to furnish the house with practical furniture. If you are looking for cheap Scandinavian furniture, this criterion should also be taken into account. Here it is important to choose furniture with simple lines, but no less design-oriented. The absence of embellishments should not, however, mean a lack of practicality. Space should also be taken into account when choosing Scandinavian-style furniture. It is very important not to clutter up a room with furniture that is too bulky, as this may not achieve the desired style. If in a Scandinavian style interior, straight lines are the most common, you can be tempted by some whimsical curves for a touch of originality. This may be necessary to take advantage of the existing space and also to create a more functional interior.