Tile is a floor covering that can be found in many types of rooms. After a long period of time, this flooring can age and start to have small cracks or even change colour. The time has come to find a concrete solution to give tiles a second life. Fortunately, there are several options for upgrading a tile floor. Here are a few ideas to help you cover your tiles with a new, modern look.

Repainting your wall tiles to update your d├ęcor

Painting is a durable solution to bring old-fashioned tiles back to life. Paint manufacturers have designed products that are suitable for tiling. So you no longer have to worry about whether or not the paint will resist water or steam. The undercoat option is also a solution to consider as it gives you a wide choice of paint. It is essential that you are generous in the application of the paint for a more effective finish. Repainting your tiles is not so difficult, all you need is a roller or a brush and you're done.

Adhesive tiles or stickers: two alternatives for transforming old tiles

In order to modernise a tile, the stickers are positioned as a real invention for wall covering. These stickers give a new look in the kitchen or bathroom in record time. The colour palette is quite wide, just choose the one that matches your room. Super trendy, patterned models are the perfect option if you want to set aside plain colours. Adhesive tiles are clearly inexpensive and quick to install. Adhesives are available in a variety of colours and patterns to match the tiles perfectly. To change your interior decoration, the floor covering takes on the look of the tiles thanks to its 3D appearance. The adhesive tiles and stickers are easy to maintain and enhance the style of your old tiles.

PVC flooring, a perfect tool to quickly hide a dull floor

For a final gluing, bet on the adhesive PVC floor. The floor is in the form of a slab or strip with a low thickness. In order to apply it to the tile, simply remove the film covering the adhesive. In tile format, the PVC takes on the appearance of the tile (concrete, stone and metal). If you choose the strip format, you will have an adhesive that imitates a parquet floor. Your choice actually depends on the tiles to be covered. In a shower room, it is preferable to opt for the tile. You should check before buying whether the PVC floor is fire-resistant to avoid a possible incident. The elements needed to apply the adhesive properly are a tape measure, a ruler and a cutter. Before laying the floor, the surface must be cleaned and dusted to ensure that the adhesive adheres optimally.