Would you like to freshen up a room, but are lacking inspiration? Of course, it is entirely possible to redecorate your own interior, but to avoid making the wrong choice and wasting time and money, it is best to get professional advice.

Who to call upon: interior decorator or interior architect?

Two distinct yet complementary professionals currently share the interior decorating market: interior decorators and interior architects. Interior decorators are becoming more and more solicited for the decoration or the fitting out of a house. But what exactly are their roles? Interior decorators are responsible for harmonising and choosing materials, colours, sorting furniture and choosing accessories that match the customer's lifestyle and style. Interior designers, on the other hand, can also do decoration, but are more concerned with the complete transformation of your home, changing volumes and circulation. But no matter what type of professional you call upon, they put all their know-how at your disposal to help you decorate your personal environment. If your budget allows, it's best to call on these two trades, which complement each other very strongly for a renovation or fitting-out project.

Why call on an interior decorator?

Quite simply because they are the most suitable person to offer you a decoration that exactly meets your personal expectations, taking into account your budget and your tastes. So if you have just bought a piece of furniture and you want to change the decoration of your interior to suit your style, the interior decorator is there to help you. Thanks to his experience, his know-how and his professional vision, he will be able to create a comfortable and aesthetic interior for you based on what already exists. As a specialist in the field, he will be able to advise you on ideas and styles you might never have thought of. The interior decorator is also ideal if you want to keep your old furniture, but just want to give your interior a new look. He can also advise you on the configuration of the space in order to find decorating ideas that will make your daily life easier.

What are the qualifications and rates of an interior decorator?

There are several training courses to become an interior decorator. Qualifications can be one of the criteria for choosing a good interior decorator. However, it should be noted that what makes them talented does not depend on the training they have taken, but often on their ability to adapt to the needs of clients and their experience. Moreover, there is no rule for the profession of interior decorator; anyone can be a decorator. In terms of price, the rates for interior decoration vary according to many factors such as the nature of the services offered, the location of the building site, etc. In general, decorators offer different types of services. Some decorators will only give you advice, while others will take care of all the necessary steps to finish the work, up to guaranteeing the entire project. In fact, the prices set by the interior decorator are cheaper than those of the interior designer.