Summertime is the time to start eating outdoors, to relax with the family in the garden and to enjoy small brunches on the terrace. We love to bask in the sun outside and spend pleasant moments. To make the most of these moments, the furniture is comfortable and above all eco-friendly. An ecological approach that suits everyone, and above all Mother Nature.

Eco-friendly furniture, a revolution in garden and terrace design.

Eco-friendly furniture is making its big appearance with garden furniture, tables and chairs made of organic wood, recycled materials, etc. In fact, we speak of eco-friendly furniture when it respects the environment and has been manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. Like wood, which is a 100% biodegradable material that does not affect the environment. It also allows the storage of CO2 and does not release any material that is harmful to nature, especially for any type of wood that is not chemically treated. Other ecological materials can be in the form of recycled fibres, organic cotton fabrics, organic bamboo furniture, wrought iron, or garden furniture made from recycled boat canvas. When choosing eco-friendly garden and patio furniture, it is important to know the manufacturing process. For wood, the origin of the wood should be taken into account. Local wood is the first choice, but you can also find eco-friendly furniture from abroad. The main thing is to note which type of wood has been used. So avoid: endangered trees, wood treated with harmful chemicals, etc. For example, you can opt for outdoor furniture in rattan, teak or recycled teak. To help you make your choice, you may notice some furniture with an eco-label. These certify their eco-responsible properties, such as the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label or the indication of recycled wood.

Trendy outdoor furniture in all its forms

Combining ecology and trendiness, ecological outdoor furniture is available in different types of furniture. You can find eco-friendly chairs, organic wooden tables, armchairs, sofas, small teak, acacia and pine furniture, hammocks, outdoor pouffes, bamboo parasols and so much more to embellish your outdoor space. A wide range of eco-friendly garden and terrace furniture is now available on the market. Smaller terraces appreciate furniture that is light and easy to set up and maintain. This furniture can be made of recycled teak, for example, which is easy to clean. For an exotic effect too, teak or recycled wood is the preferred choice for terrace furniture. Gardens are more stylish and prefer larger tables and chairs and more elaborate and sophisticated furniture. You can create an eco-friendly garden lounge for a relaxing outdoor space. Whether it is made of wood, ecological bi-material or modular, the ecological garden furniture can be declined in different models, to the great pleasure of the amateurs of trendy gardens.

Eco-friendly, yes! But also sustainable

The advantages of eco-friendly furniture are numerous. These include the durability of the materials, the ease of maintenance, or its economic side. Depending on your choice of furniture, you can take advantage of these benefits and focus on other criteria to beautify your garden or terrace. This criterion of durability can be noticed on solid wood furniture, furniture made from a durable wood species, etc. To keep your garden or terrace furniture out of the weather, you can cover it with a waterproof tarpaulin during the evenings. If you are going to be away for a long time, remember to store your furniture in a dry place, away from rain and damp. Rattan furniture, on the other hand, likes the little things that are done to it. Gently rub them with a cloth made from a composition of linseed oil, hot water and possibly turpentine before rinsing with fresh water.