Chalk paint is becoming more and more popular in the world of decoration. Nowadays, it can be seen everywhere because it is a must to bring a touch of freshness to your decoration, and especially to your furniture. In other words, this miracle paint is proving to be the new decorating trend to which it is difficult not to be tempted. So let's take a closer look at the chalk paint trend.

Chalk paint or chalk paint: what exactly are we talking about?

Chalk paint is an acrylic paint combined with chalk, as its name clearly indicates. The mixture thus obtained has a matt and powdery texture that can produce a romantic and vintage effect. It should also be noted that chalk paint is odourless as it is free of chemicals. The main interest of such a paint lies in the fact that it adheres to almost any type of support (decorative objects, furniture, walls...), and material (metal, fabric, plastic, glass, stone...). In addition, it does not require sanding or priming. That said, chalk paint stands out from other paints in that it is less demanding to apply. And it is not for nothing that it is now considered a "magic" paint. It is particularly intended for those who are about to give a makeover and give a new look to their ageing wooden furniture or decorative objects that were popular at the time but are now in disuse.

Practical tips for applying chalk paint

Although the famous chalk paint does not require any specific preparation before application, it is important to ensure that the surface to which it is applied is impeccably clean. The aim is to ensure that the paint can adhere perfectly. As soon as the surface to be painted is ready, all you need to do is take a brush to apply the paint. Moreover, you don't need to be a professional or a great artist to chalk paint the surface you want to give it a new look or enhance it. It is also possible to cross the brushstrokes to produce a textured and artistic effect. You just give free rein to your imagination and creativity to give an authentic touch to your decoration. In order to create a retro and vintage effect, you just have to delicately sand the reliefs and edges.

A chalk paint for a stunning final result.

Another great thing about chalk paint: the drying time is almost instantaneous. So there is no need to wait several hours before applying the second coat. Often by the time the first coat is applied, the surface to be painted is already ready for the second coat. Once the second coat has been applied and dried, it makes more sense to apply a coat of wax patina so that the final result is impeccable, especially when you want to refresh your old furniture. Note that this last coat is intended to preserve the paint.  All that remains is to remove the excess wax with a clean cloth.