The furniture of the house is one of the assets of the style of the house. Women are the most concerned, because a house reflects the mistress of the house. A house must remain pleasant to live in, the decoration must not be too much, but also not in the strict minimum, it is therefore necessary to know how to dose so as not to fall into vulgarity or classified among the most destitute. Nowadays, there are trends that are breathtaking, one of them is caning. Certainly this model was one of the successes, but it is back on the scene and is ready to bluff people's hearts.

What is the history of caning?

Caning was used around the 17th century by the French, but the first pieces of furniture, which are chairs, were made by the English and their product was derived from France. The French began to make furniture only in the 14th century, but more modern and more stylish the success was in pocket. From there, the exploitation of this technique began, but a revolution was to interrupt its exploitation by banning the import of its raw material. Around 1900, farewell to the bistro chair made of bent wood and sucked completely from Michael Thonet's chair number 14. With the art nouveau, more modern techniques were developed in its exploitation such as mechanical caning. This method is exploited nowadays, which gives the products a crazy charm that will captivate the amateurs.

What is the basic material of the caning?

Caning is a kind of weaving using rattan cane. Rattan cane is a product taken from the calamus, which is a plant. Rattan can be processed naturally or cut, its processing consists of cutting it according to the user's wishes. Rattan is a very strong material, in ancient times the caning consisted of weaving with the warp and weft by the hands. The ancient technique is both very complicated and simple at the same time, difficult to learn, but easy to acquire after several practices. Mechanical caning is a weaving in ancient times, but this is the method we use, the technique is faster.

What are the materials that can be made by caning?

The cane decoration is one of the best selections of the moment, the aesthetics that this material has confers this great success. You can make thousands of things with wickerwork, but especially furniture such as a nice bench in a living room to receive guests, armchairs in the office, or tables made of wickerwork. Cannage can be used to make folding screens, ideal for a quiet change of clothes. The bedroom mirror can be decorated with wickerwork, stylish and trendy it will attract more than one person. The wickerwork can be hung in the bedroom to dim the light or placed on the head of the bed, our eyes will be boiled.