Do you want to bring a bit of magic into your offspring's everyday life? For some time now, the children's shed bed has become more and more fashionable. Transforming its bed into a hut will be a brilliant idea to give an original and playful style to your little ones' room. Through this article, you will discover why and how to make a hut bed.

What is a hut bed?

The children's hut bed is an undeniable return to childhood for adults and children alike, but it is also a very fashionable decoration for children's bedrooms. To cut a long story short, this type of bed is an exact reproduction of the huts designed in the past, with curtains and blankets like those available at, in order to create your own personal space, to see your own world. And yes! The children's hut bed is therefore a place to sleep, but it is also an authentic leisure centre. In general, this bed consists of a mattress, an assembly of elements to allow the child to move around and develop, and of course a ladder to climb up to the different floors of the hut. It is possible to add more accessories to this type of bed. Moreover, this bed can be transformed over time according to your child's taste.

What are the advantages of a hut bed?

The children's hut bed offers many advantages for both young and old. Apart from the comfort it provides, it is obviously a very playful idea as it encourages independence and the learning of your offspring, giving them the potential to develop their imagination. On the other hand, the concept is a perfect method to initiate him to classify his small things and to organise his room. Moreover, this type of bed is designed for both boys and girls, it contributes to their comfort, but also to the development of their bodies. The children's shed bed is more aesthetic than a normal bed, this small detail helps them sleep better, as it can make them want to go to bed earlier. In addition, your child will feel safer in the cot and will feel less disturbed.

How do you make a hut bed?

If you are a handyman, you can make your child's dream house yourself. However, if you're not at all handy, it's better to buy a ready-to-assemble crib, as this is more about your child's safety. So, to start with, you need to decide what type of shed you want to install. Defining the height of the crib is important in determining whether or not you need to incorporate a staircase. Next, the choice of the shape of the shed is important to make yours look like a real little castle, but you can simply choose more classic models that will only require a few beams to make the corners of the house. Finally, all you have to do is choose the style and atmosphere of the room.