Although we like the idea of a timeless space, the ever-changing landscape of interior design gives the realisation of a classic house its full meaning. One day everything is covered with bright pink marble and the next day it is a minimalist decor . Although we don't subscribe to all trends, we like to experiment with them. So we called in four interior designers to find out exactly what's happening (and what's out there) at the moment. Designers Katharine Pooley , Vanessa Alexander , Anne Hepfer and Sasha Bikoff all have an idea of what the outdated 2018 decorating trends are and what would replace them. From glamorous modern looks to bright colours and metallic accents, these are all the trends to be aware of. If you're ready to stand out from the trends, take note of these passing fads and find out how to improve your space for the coming New Year. While you're at it, buy a few products to help you get the current look.

The Outdated Trend: West Coast Minimalism

"There is a way to establish a clean design aesthetic without sacrificing colour and pattern," says Bikoff. "The all-white "bare space" never looks like the house people live in, which is very detrimental to the aesthetics."

The replacement: Modern glam

"The colour and patterns add a charismatic look and a warm feeling that beats minimalism every time," said Bikoff. Experiment with patterns and textures similar to those found in this clean and dynamic lounge.

The outdated trend: lack of colour and texture

"I love white moments or white walls, but I hate strictly colourless colours. Even in clean rooms, not all shades of white have to be the same and the overlapping of textures is very important," Alexander explains.

Replacement: Mixing colours and styles

"I like to create moments of reflection with lighting, mirrors and some key artworks where I add colour," says Alexander. She also recommends mixing metals, aged brass or patinated steel with shades of black and brown.