Do you want to start a wall decoration? The decorative options are infinite and meet all the tastes and desires of the moment. They set the tone of your decorative line and leave you free to have fun!

Wallpaper: a choice in line with the times

In recent months, wallpaper has made a big comeback in the field of wall decorating, with a strong emphasis on ultra trendy patterns and easy-to-install textures. There are two families of wallpapers, those with a paper backing that requires gluing before installation and those with a non-woven backing that requires gluing directly onto the wall beforehand. The classic wallpaper, with its relatively thin appearance, is ideal for large living rooms. If your walls have irregularities, you should use a 100% non-woven wallpaper that is very soft to the touch. Vinyl wallpaper is more suitable for laminating. Vinyl wallpaper is particularly hard-wearing and is also waterproof and washable. It will therefore naturally find its place in damp rooms. Some wallpapers have a very useful relief decoration to hide the imperfections of a wall. Also note the vinyl wallpaper imitating cement tiles, simply stunning realism in a kitchen! The choice of pattern is a matter of taste and destination. The colourful, geometric and colourful patterns show a renewed love for the style of the 70s and vintage interiors. Flowers, plants, animals and even panoramic wallpaper or the giant poster representing a landscape all by itself are back in the headlines of decoration magazines. However, be careful not to get bored with it after a while. Photo wallpaper is one of the latest trends in design wall decoration. You are free to have your wallpaper made from a single photo of your choice or to have several photos put together. There are websites that specialise in this. There are of course already printed photo wallpapers to cover your walls with a photo in XXL version. Tip: Give your interior a breath of nature by choosing a very fashionable wallpaper with a plant motif. Invite palm trees, cactus, banana trees into your interior and immerse yourself in a tropical forest or one populated by century-old oaks!

Painting, a quick and inexpensive option

One coat of paint is enough to renovate and warm up a wall, giving it a real shine. Painting optimises the luminous effect of a wall. White or colour, which to choose? Do you want to make your room brighter, bring more light to a dark interior? By opting for light colours, especially white, you will lighten your room. However, to avoid the flatness induced by the total white look, opt for wall posters or a multitude of decorative frames that you can hang on the wall. Have you chosen colour for your walls? Some warm shades such as yellow, red, orange or purple are synonymous with tonic and sunny atmospheres. Conversely, so-called cool colours such as green or blue are more indicative of calm and restful atmospheres. When choosing a wall colour, the exposure of the room should be taken into account. A south-facing room will support a cold colour that will bring the coolness it lacks. Conversely, a room facing north will benefit from the warmth of a tonic and sunny hue. The trend is to mix two colours. You can avoid the total white look by applying a coloured shade to one of the four walls, preferably the one facing the window. Tricks : Remember to imperceptibly recall the note of the coloured wall on the white wall by adding a coloured drop to the white paint. To give an impression of height to coloured walls, paint a 20-30 cm strip of white paint on the upper part of the wall. This little subterfuge will enhance the room by making the corners disappear. Practical, fun and personalised: the self-adhesive stickers Thanks to the wall stickers available in thousands of models, you will create in a few minutes an original and personalised wall decoration giving the illusion of a painted decoration on the wall. We like the stickers for their ease of use within everyone's reach. Simple and quick to take off, they also offer the possibility to change the decor according to your desires. The most difficult thing will be to choose among the many stickers printed or cut to shape. Decorative ornaments, trendy phrases or quotations, trompe-l'oeil rendering... are all adhesive decorations that can be used everywhere and cover walls from the kitchen to the bedroom, including those of the living room or the toilet.

Objects, paintings and accessories, to decorate your walls with originality.

The single or multiplied mirror fulfils its decorative mission perfectly. Choose it from the many styles and formats that exist and dare to mix and match. By reflecting the light, the mirror offers an effect of depth and makes it possible to enlarge a small or even dark room or a narrow corridor. A plain wall remains the ideal support for an ethnic wall decoration that will mix craft baskets and plates. Hanging carpets or macramé creations will also prove to be the most beautiful effect on a wall. A coat rack, a graphic coat hook, a metal shelf or an XXL clock will dress up the walls of an industrial interior perfectly. The decorative painting remains a classic in wall decoration. The size of your pictures must keep a certain harmony in relation to the surface of your wall. The rule is to avoid hanging a small painting on a large empty panel. On the contrary, a large painting will find its place on a small wall and will enhance it all the better. Bring your walls to life by hanging photo frames that will tell the story of your most beautiful family memories. Framed photos or photos hung in a jumble on various supports will add extra soul to a house. If you choose frames, don't hesitate to arrange them as you wish without necessarily respecting a perfect regularity.